Astral Projection: interview with Sr. Pastor W. Relf (3.4.18)

Astral Projection has been referred to by various cultures since antiquity. The modern term “Astral Projection” hasn’t been around as long, but the concept is the same. It refers to the soul/consciousness leaving the physical body and traveling/experiencing different things in a nutshell. It can be understood as an “Out of Body Experience”; however, sometimes it’s not clear to the person experiencing this if they are in the body or outside. I personally am a believer. I myself have had some experiences with it. I received “Song From My Dream” during one of these trips. Several years ago, I was taken to (made aware of) the “Akashic Records.” This was years before I knew or researched what the Akashic Records were. I will save this whole experience for another time. Still, I was not hallucinating (which is just a label for something we don’t understand. There’s no concrete evidence for what a “hallucination” is.) I was wide awake then (the next thing I know) I was inside of everything that has been, is, and will be.

Now my father is someone who I respect greatly. He is a spiritual leader and community leader. He believes that humanity supersedes any doctrine. Basically, take care of people and love your neighbor as yourself. We have conversations about everything lol nothing is sacred or off limits to discuss. As my beliefs into other possibilities became evident, he never discouraged me from finding out more about them. Most pastors would immediately rebuke or condemn such possibilities. So I’m thankful for him allowing me to find out for myself what I believe or understand. The most surprising thing is he began to share stories of his own and discuss things he hadn’t really shared with many people. Fast forward to a few months ago when I asked him would it be okay to share publicly some of the things he’s experienced that don’t necessarily fall into the normal train of thought. After some conversations, he agreed. So yesterday, we got a chance to do our first official interview with him for QFK. It’s not our first recorded conversation. It is, however, the first interview we will publish with him. It’s very informal because I wanted it to be true to our normal talks. Just sitting around talking. There is normally more back and forth between us, but I wanted this to be him uninterrupted without debate. I hope you enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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