Roswell Spring Break Trip (part 1)

The Quest’s expedition to Roswell began as an idea over winter break. Blanc suggested we wait until spring break, after the idea popped up in my mind during my winter break. Fast forward to the Monday before, and I woke up with the dreaded vertebrae issue in my neck, making its presence known. I’ve had this chronic issue plaguing my existence (ironically) since I GOT MARRIED TO BLANCA?! Maybe it’s a sign… haha (seriously wondering now as I type.) I’ve tried many different things, and lately, it hasn’t flared up for a few months…until now. The lone chiropractor I’ve ever visited retired, and I’m particular about my neck. Blanc found one close to our house, but they couldn’t see me until the following week (which is a good sign you don’t want a chiropractor with no patients lol.) I didn’t have until next week. Fast forward to Friday, and the nerve has now become compressed in my neck from my vertebrae, not being in the correct position. My high pain tolerance has now worn out, and I find anyone who can take me. I get my neck adjusted, but it wasn’t quite right. The chiropractor informs me it will take several trips. I was faced with a decision. Stay and get treatments, or go as is and tough it out. It was a no brainer. Instead of leaving Sunday, we waited an extra day and loaded up the truck Monday morning.

We hit the road and made a pit stop in Tucson. From there, we made a stop at the Chiricahua National Monument. It’s a pretty interesting landscape. The mix of certain trees, rocks, and landscapes almost seem like they shouldn’t exist naturally together. It’s stunning. They have large boulders towards the higher part of the park that seem to stand atop each other without falling. It’s a must see. We had a snack on one of the massive rocks and what possibly appeared to be a bluejay joined us. I’m no bird expert. That seemed to make Blanc happy. We hopped back in Fj Blanquina and headed to NM. Ironically it was a precursor to where we would camp in New Mexico.

As we crossed the state lines and continued to drive, I asked Blanc what the name of the campsite she was considering was. “City of Rocks” is what she stated. I had no idea what it looked like or where exactly it was, so I plugged it into the GPS, and I followed the fastest route option. This was an almost grave mistake… As we approached the turn off of the roadway, it became an unpaved road. Which is fine for Blanquina, but I immediately noticed a large cow to my right. Should’ve been my red flag, but sometimes I don’t put 2 and 2 together right away. About a quarter mile in, I noticed several more cows in front of us, and I started to get uneasy. And by uneasy, I mean afraid. You have to understand; the cows were free-range, which sounds like a great idea until you happen to wander into a cattle range apparently. We were in too deep now, so we kept driving and hoped we didn’t get shot for possibly trespassing. We came face to face to a mammoth cow with large horns who seemed to stand eye to eye with the Fj. My Fj has a lift, and the cow was still looking at me in the eyes straight on. It almost seemed to be annoyed that we dared encroach on their territory. I had no choice but to drive slowly past it and hope we didn’t get rammed, haha. Fast forward to the end of the back road, and we were reunited with the highway.

We continued and arrived at City of Rocks state park. By the way, the name is well deserved, and it was an amazing campsite. We found one of the only remaining empty spots. (In case it’s not obvious to the reader, we didn’t reserve or really plan on a particular place to stay during our trip. We figured if it came down to it, we would stealth camp in the Fj.) We set up the tent and got the firewood burning as the sun quickly began to set moments after completed the tent set up (we arrived between 4/5p.) That night we did some star gazing, and it was incredible to see the number of stars present in our location. It was more stars than I’ve seen in Az camp/wilderness spots in my own opinion. I’ve never seen the sky like that before. I don’t want to see something that wasn’t really there, but I’m about 45% sure I saw a light amongst the stars that seemed to glow and disappear only to reappear occasionally. I again don’t want to manifest something because I want it to be there, so I’ll admit it probably was nothing. That night the temp had to be in the low 30’s. It was a long freezing night for me in particular because my neck was killing me all night. The cold seemed to make my nerves ache even more. In the morning, I decided to face the music. We discussed that we’d have to alter some of our trip and head to Roswell and stay in a hotel. We ate breakfast and loaded up Blanquina and got on the road towards Roswell. To Be continued….

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