Roswell Spring Break Trip (part 3)

The International UFO Museum is located in you guessed it, Roswell NM. Before I get to the actual museum, I must touch briefly on how important Ufology is to this small town’s economy. On everything from restaurants to shops, it’s UFO to the max. I’m not mad, I’m actually impressed. Plus, how can I be, when the only reason I went there was for the UFO coverup. Once you go inside the museum, you see bits and pieces of what appear to be novelty items and libraries to some degree. However, once we paid admission and got to the first section, I realized how serious of a place this is. The timeline is impeccable, and it includes newspaper clippings, affidavits of witnesses, and military whistleblower testimonies. I took many many pictures, and I would recommend you going to this museum. If you’re looking for a solid timeline of events (starting with the Roswell incident), then this museum should be on your radar. It also includes sightings from around the world, both modern and ancient times. Check out the video below, and I hope you enjoy it.


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