Roswell Spring Break Trip (part 4)

On our way home, we stopped at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site in NM. There are over 21K rock drawings there. That is a staggering amount and by far one of the coolest places we’ve been. You can walk among them, unlike other sites where you look from a distance. So we naturally took full advantage of this. I won’t write a long entry because I took about 20 mins worth of video, so I hope you watch it instead. I will say this: Many Native American groups (across the Americas) had/have stories of civilizations being cyclical. By civilizations, I don’t mean the Roman empire vs. Egyptian. I mean humanoid beings progress to a certain level, and then something happens (they are reset/destroyed/leave Earth). I am now a believer in that. I believe stone was essential to the ancients because the builders knew it would survive, and we would be having these conversations today about there significance. There isn’t enough time in this quick post to explain, but I’ll publish a writing that goes into more specifics one day soon. Please enjoy our survey of the site.