Tonto National Monument (2.19.18)

I for one appreciate Presidents Day. A day off from a mainstream job is always welcomed…  with open arms hahah. I’m still not used to the daily grind of a 9-5 (in my case 7a-3p.) All jokes aside, President Theodore Roosevelt can’t be thanked enough for what he did in terms of raising the standard for our historical sites in America. 

“Theodore Roosevelt, often called “the conservation president,” impacted the National Park System well beyond his term in office. He doubled the number of sites within the National Park system.” Excerpt from NPS website.

I had been telling my parent’s that they needed to see some of these cliff dwellings in person since our first trip on New Years day. I convinced my mom in a final phone call the morning of Presidents Day to join us. We ended up taking my mom to see the Tonto National Monument on 2.19.18. We also had an interesting conversation with the park ranger who is also a skeptic of our view of history… I didn’t record the whole conversation with her, but once she found out a little about me and my beliefs she really told us what she thought. “off the record” lol. Hope you enjoy some of our experience from the monument. Gotta love Az! We went exploring in the Mogollon area as well but I’ll save that for another entry.


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