Visitations from Non-Human Entities: Interview with Shelby Bradshaw

I have heard that words carry energy. In this conversation, the truth carried an almost thick weight or blanket that filled the air. As Shelby shared her experiences, I could feel the heaviness of her truth. When I arrived home (after the interview), I couldn’t wait to play it back. My wife was literally afraid as she watched the interview with me. I genuinely believe you can feel the seriousness in this recording. From a coworker, Shelby heard that I had written an essay about possible extraterrestrial visitations in the Bible. She asked if I could share it with her, and I did. We began talking more about what I believed over time, and she started asking me some questions.

I explained to her that I believe we are part of some anthropological study. Extraterrestrials played a significant role in our development, and they continue to interact with us and study us. In particular, they would most likely be continuously tracking and monitoring specific families over a long time. In the same way we do animals. She began to share some of her stories with me. After hearing some of her accounts, I asked if she would share it on camera. She asked me why was I doing this, and what was my purpose for posting these things. Honestly, it’s because people need to see that their friends, family, and coworkers have these same experiences. Just like every civilization on record had them too. With that said, I’m incredibly thankful she agreed to the interview. I hope you enjoy the following video. It’s part of a more extended conversation we had. To me, it seems like these entities have had an interest in her since her childhood. I’ll let you be the judge…